Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love Taylor Swift. I think she is so poised, graceful, intelligent and articulate. She writes her own songs which are a perfect mix of infinite cheese and poignant observation. I can only handle so much, I mean, I won't listen to her all day. She get's a shout out though for sure. My 14 year old sister, Alura, loves her. Which makes total sense - she can listen all day and it could not get old. My confession is that I listen to a lot of Enya. It puts most other people to sleep, but I think it's relaxing background music, uplifting in an angelic way. I've been sort of banned being the DJ at my Aunt's because I played Enya once when we were reading our Fairy Cards It's not like I would play nothing else! I do have very eclecctic tastes. While we're on the topic of the WU, let's just discuss, how talented is the RZA? He's on Judd Appatow's comedy writing team, does the score for many films and is just a general GA EEN YUS! yow! That warms my heart, just knowing the depth and intelligence of such a ghetto crew. Their whole philosophy is really something else, they are real leaders in terms of collective consciousness. I'm going to take Lucy, the dog, for a walk now. I promise (Julia, Katie) to update this on the regular now. Love me. Love you.

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