Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clown Water

Had a little chat with Barry Walsh the other night and he told me he had "crawled home on the clown water" , and the next day the local homeless dude congratulated him on his wonderful time at which point he decided it mght be time to take a little break from the old clown water.
It took a minute for it to click in how utterly bang on and hilarious that name is. When it actually did sink in it was like a revelation. Of course. Clown water. I was so busy trying to picture whether he actually did "crawl" home, or if he was "crawling" or "on the crawl" as an expression - it took a minute to dawn on me how genius cw is. Calling it that makes it so simple to describe and that much less desireable(or more, depending on the effect your going for).I mean, if upping the clown quotient is what I am going for, yes, bring on the clown water. Let's face the facts that this is not a picture of your typical clown, nor would you use this image to describe "clown". in other words, clown water won't bring you closer to her or closer to looking anything like that type of clown. What the heck am I ambling on about? or was it rambling. oh yes. clown water.

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Ericka Zass said...

Clown...Water. Water the clown and colours blossom.