Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Life imitates art. What kind of allegory finds legendary MC GURU (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) departing his present physical existence at such a young age - with his friend and partner MC SOLAR standing by his side? GURU defined as "one who dispels darkness of ignorance" or "teacher". In Sanskrit, GU means darkness and RU means light. Solar being just as it sounds - sun, light, the life giver - energy source, preceding from the light. The names Guru and Solar not only go well together, they represent something profound in these changing times, times of prophecy. The kind of names that suggest a reason, an answer or some kind of guidance towards something more powerful. Titles that suggest ETERNAL BEING. Life eternal? Guru did live up to his name in many ways with his lyrics - from the album STEP IN THE ARENA: "It means I find my mind can excel to, a greater type of thought, brought by the things that I've been taught, in relation to things that I rebel to - divine and combined, with a sense of confidence" or "Original invincible, that's how I'm looking at it, I use my rhymes like a glock automatic, any means necessary, I'm going all out, before the rains bring the nuclear fall out ... now for my people out there I got a question - can we be the soul controlers of our fate, now who's gonna take the weight?"...
I'm not to up on his falling out with Premier (have a feeling it had SOMETHING to do with money, in one way or another)I just know that SOLAR became his right hand man/ production partner, and in the last year of his life, his best friend and entire family. Regardless, GURU is an epic MC who inspired me on so many levels. My Dad used to laugh with amazement when he would drive me to school and I'd be singing along to EVERY SINGLE Gang Starr lyric. How could I NOT end up rapping, with those beats and lyrics that I knew an understood so well in my head? I was blessed to meet GURU after a show in Ottawa. I dropped some lyrics from "GIRL WHADDYA WANT?" and he started bowing down! "You remember my lyrics better than I do!" I was about to walk away and he was like "Wait, I want to thank you. You just gave me such a boost! You just lifted me up! It's for you that I'm still doing this - people like you that honestly get the music, feel the music, and keep it with them - it certainly aint for the money! There's no money left in it for me!" I was like, holy shit are you kidding me? You're my hero and my biggest inspiration - I mean, I have other favorite MCs (NAS, Q-TIP, OUTKAST) that have influenced me - I just always felt a very specific connection with GURU. It made sense that I would be standing there talking to him, that he would give me a big heartfelt hug and thank me for being there. He was telling me about how he doesn't even touch a drink or drug anymore, that it makes him act crazy - get into fights and do things that he would for sure regret later. He seemed like someone that really wanted to communicate about where he was at and I felt alot of sincerity and kindness in his vibe. I also felt that alot of things were weighing him down. He had a certain sadness about him, a roughness in his voice that comes from grief, a blockage in the throat chakra. When news of his death came today it caught alot of people by surprise. It was semi-known that he wasn't well, and that SOLAR was by his side. It's my wish that he didn't isolate himself, or block out those that love him due to pride. Whatever the case, the burden he was carrying in the last years of his life weighed him down and became too much for his body to handle in this life. April is a beautiful time to pass on to the other side. Years ago, the same group of friends that I listened to GURU with lost a friend of ours as well in April '98 - Donald Neil. I hold them both in my heart and cherish them as eternal, light beings.

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katie said...

beautiful sarah.

what about the part where you were biting his bling?